Training Videos

Website Maintenance Training Modules

Here are are some basic modules to help you understand how to post, create pages, create new menus … and all the other basic functions required to keep the site up-to-date and engaging.

arrow_down_24x24 WP Orientation. The big picture of how WordPress works. arrow_down_24x24 Site Orientation. A tour of all the important areas of the site. A good overall orientation as to where things are.
arrow_down_24x24 Landing Page. How to make changes to the landing page (front page of your site). arrow_down_24x24 Events Page. Everything you need to know about creating new events, saving old ones, and connecting to Eventbrite.
arrow_down_24x24 Posts and Pages. How to create posts and pages and maximize SEO. arrow_down_24x24 Navigation Menu. How to make changes to the navigation menu.
arrow_down_24x24 Widgets. All about widgets – those elements in the sidebars. arrow_down_24x24 Paypal buttons. How to create a Paypal button in Paypal and then copy the code to your site.
arrow_down_24x24 Protected Area. How to limit who views pages, set up a login area with usernames and passwords, and change roles and user attributes. arrow_down_24x24 Embedding Video. How to embed a YouTube video on a page simply and easily.
arrow_down_24x24 Mailchimp. How to link to Mailchimp from your signup widget. A basic orientation to Mailchimp and setting up newsletters. arrow_down_24x24 Tips and Tricks. General tips and tricks to make you more efficient using WordPress.