Espeakers Rules

There are a few reasons members may not show up in the chapter database. Here are the rules:

  1. Members must have a picture in their profile
  2. Members must have their one line bio filled in (www.espeakers.com/profile and marketing/your prolile/biography – see picture 1 below)
  3. (this is NEW!) Members must have selected YES for your CAPS Chapter Website on the Publishing Your Profile page: ” Associations – Publish my profile. ” NOTE: This is ‘YES’ by default. You’ll find this at www.espeakers.com/Profile and Marketing/Publish Your Profile – picture 2 below)

Here’s how the plugin works:
Every night, it goes to the espeakers database and downloads all the profiles that meet the above criteria to your local chapter website. Only those profiles are searchable and displayed on the landing page.

When a member leaves, Greg at national has to delete them from the espeakers database. Once deleted, the plugin should automatically, remove them within 24 hours in the local chapter database.

Picture 1 (click to view larger) one line bio

Picture 2 (click to view larger) publish profile2