CAPS MB 2017 AGM and “Go Ahead, Start a Movement” with Josepth Ranseth

CAPS Manitoba AGM

As a member of an association you have the ability to have your voice heard. Come out and join the rest of the membership as we learn about the state of the chapter and the upcoming changes coming to the national association.

Do you have ideas of how we can make our chapter even better? We’d love to hear from you and see you out on the 18th November.

Go Ahead, Start A Movement

How to create meaningful impact right where you are, using the exact same blueprint that Mahatma Gandhi & Dr. King used to create movements that changed the world.

Do you feel an inner whisper telling you that you’re meant to have a bigger impact? Are you ready to move beyond business as usual and create something so compelling that it can’t be ignored? Join Joseph Ranseth and discover how you can use the T.Y.M.T.T.W.  blueprint to not just do something impactful, but to become a movement maker. In this highly practical, action oriented presentation, you’ll learn:
  • How to have an impact right where you are using the same blueprint that Gandhi & Dr King used to start movements
  • Find & infuse meaning into everyday actions to produce bigger results, create deeper fulfillment & a unified culture
  • Incorporate purpose driven principles to move actions, behaviours, & relationships from beyond transactional to transformational

You were meant to do something meaningful. Now is your time. Go ahead, start a movement.

Meet Our Speaker


Joseph Ranseth has been helping individuals and organizations start movements for over 15 years. He has been a featured expert on national television including Fox News, CBS, CTV, CBC etc., in leading industry publications such as Advertising Age, and has been recognized several times by the Huffington Post for using social media to inspire the world.

Whether in his best-selling book, on the TEDx stage, as a keynote speaker or a boardroom consultants, Joseph passionately and powerfully shares the principles of purpose-driven marketing and transformational leadership in the digital age. Drawing on the inspiring case studies of those who have shaped history, Joseph shares the precise three step blueprint these great leaders have used and guides audiences on how they can create movements of their own.

Joseph is the founder of Vine Multimedia, a digital marketing agency with a social purpose. Designed with social benefit in mind, Vine’s™ business model allocates a significant amount of time to helping non-profit agencies and returns company profit back to the community either directly or through social awareness campaigns.

Joseph also shares his expertise in teaching PR & Marketing at the University of Winnipeg.


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Date | Times

November 18, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Joseph Ranseth
Go Ahead, Start A Movement™


Winnipeg Winter Club
200 River Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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