CAPS / IPL Partnership Event – Creating a Thriving Learning Environment

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This year marks the 3rd CAPS MB and  Institute for Performance and Learning Partnership event. This year’s theme is all about Creating Thriving Learning Environments. Whether it is optimizing the space for maximum learning, or whether it’s creating a culture and a common language to improve communication, we owe it to our participants to provide what is needed for them to become successful learners.

You’ll discover:

  • how to deal with mixed audiences and manage unexpected situations
  • Identify “thriving learning” takeaways that you can apply in your business or workplace right away
  • a more rapid and effective communication model to use with your audiences to maximize engagement and increase participation

Our Presenters:


Kim Keating

Kim Keating of the Workers Compensation Board will be sharing what Safe Work is doing to ensure they create a thriving learning environment for their over 3800 workshop participants. She’ll share her experience of how she lead the consolidation of workplace prevention workshops to SAFE Work Manitoba. This included redesigning and writing seven workshops, training facilitators, managing multiple stakeholders and building a new space to host workshops.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Commerce (honours) degree from the University of Manitoba,  Certificate in Adult Education and Continuing Education (CACE) from the University of Manitoba, Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designation and Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) designation. Kim is also a member of the Institute of Performance and Learning.




Jacquie Nagy

As an International Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Jacquie Nagy has taught hundreds of people linguistic models for effective communication. She has witnessed the positive impact the powerful NLP models for communicating have when everyone in the classroom is ‘singing from the same song sheet’.

During this presentation you will learn a model for communicating that will help you to foster a flourishing learning environment. Applying this model enables you to facilitate group discussions and Q&A sessions with finesse and ease. Participants will feel heard and appreciated, will stay curious and most of all will be open and willing to share. Group engagement increases, learning accelerates, and a deeper sense of belonging will help participants to thrive!

As owner of Holistic Directions Inc.  and International Certified Trainer of NLP, Jacquie offers certification courses in NLP Classic Code, New Code NLP and NLP Master Practitioner.  Her professional speaking, leadership and training experience extends over 30 years in the professional businesses of airline, corporate travel and credit card, and the health & wellness industry.

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Venue Map

Date | Times

January 18, 2018
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Jacquie Nagy
Kim Keating


Winnipeg Winter Club
200 River Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba


CAPS and IPL Members - $35
Non-Members - $49
Returning CAPS Guests (returning non-members) - $69